Kiln Firing 

We offer a bespoke kiln firing service from the studio. 


We are able to offer full load stoneware biscuit and glaze firing programmes in our Rohde kiln using a Thermocomputer programmer TC304.  

Bring your dried greenware pieces to The Pottery Corner studio near Chichester where you can unpack and check your work, placing it on the drying shelves to await kiln availability.

A full load charge at £40 for biscuit firing [to 1000°] and £45 for glaze firing [to 1230°] will be made irrespective of whether you have enough work to fill the kiln. Please select the correct firing programme (either biscuit or glaze firing).

Your pieces will be fired within a 2-3 week period and you will be notified of when it is ready for collection.

Kiln dimensions: 

Maximum load height: 430mm

Shelf diameter 415mm

(This is the load space, not the kiln dimensions)


IMPORTANT:  Terms and conditions for kiln firing service:  Your work should be delivered to the studio, unpacked and checked with us onto the drying shelves in the kiln room.  For biscuit firing your greenware must be stoneware, already dried and ready to fire.  For glaze firing, your work should have bottoms clear of glaze with a 2mm margin up the side of the item to avoid it sticking to the kiln shelf.  If the glaze you are using should run onto the kiln shelf, there will be a charge of £65 for replacement kiln shelf and this must be paid before you can collect your work.  Therefore if you are using a fluid glaze, please only use on the top two thirds of the piece to avoid it flowing off and sticking to the shelf.  The kiln will be loaded and unloaded by us and we will get as much work as possible into the firing.  If additional items have been delivered which do not fit in the kiln these items will be left unfired and returned to you until you have enough work to incorporate them into a further firing.  We do not take responsibility for damage to your work which is outside our control (air bubble explosion for example).  


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